The 10 Best Second-Hand Shops Online in the UK

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Helloooo #SecondHandSeptember!

Oxfam kicked off this campaign in 2019 as a way to get us to slooowww down and promote shopping second hand, first.

The UK alone buys more than 2 tonnes of clothing per minute which is a completely unsustainable use (and waste) of the planet’s resources given that people are only wearing their clothes an average of 7 times before getting rid of them!

Given that fast fashion is responsible for a huge carbon footprint worldwide and poor working conditions worldwide we need to break up with fast fashion-fast.

Whether you are buying clothing, electronics, or books, we have a responsibility to make better, more sustainable choices for the planet and we can start with shopping for pre-loved items first.

The list below will give you 10 reliable places to purchase second-hand items for you, your family, and your home.

Some of the links may be affiliate links in which I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The Best Places to Shop Second-Hand Online in the UK

1. Oxfam

About the shop: Oxfam is a charity based organisation that has been around over 70 years. They have more than 500 stores throughout the UK as well as an amazing online shop. They are also the creators of #SecondHandSeptember in an effort to fight fast fashion and get consumers to slow down.

You can use the search filters to sort by size, colours, brands, price, and even decade, so finding what you want is easy!

What You’ll Find: Oxfam’s online shop is full of clothes for men, women, and children. You can find cashmere jumpers for as little as £7 or spend £70 and end up with a Burberry suit!

You’ll also find shoes, accessories, as well as books, music, and memorabilia!

2. Pre-Loved UK

About the shop: Preloved UK is an online buying and selling site where you can find just about anything from clothing to cars, pets to furniture. Anyone can place an ad or buy without paying, but if you get a membership (as low as £5 for the year) you get a few more perks like being able to add more photos or video to your ads as well as browsing without advertisements. There’s also rewards like discounts on new products and free gifts, too! What You’ll Find: At this virtual car boot, you will find clothes, furniture and other things for your home, children’s items, cars, caravans, gardening supplies, and so much more!


About the shop: Micolet is a second-hand clothing shop for women that upon first glance looks like a legit shop for buying new! All of the items are checked for quality before being added to the shop and they have a 14-day return policy if you aren’t happy with your items.

What You’ll Find: Micolet offers all women’s clothes from high street and premium brands as well as bags and accessories.

You can filter your search by size colour and even look for specific brands, making for an easy shopping experience. Shipping is only £0.88!

4. (also an App)

About the shop: Vinted is an online shop and app where you can buy (and sell) clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for men, women, and children.

It’s easy to search by size, colour, brand, price and even the condition of the clothes (new with tags is an option)!

What You’ll Find: While there is an abundance of fast fashion brands, you will also find some quality items. I find the app easy to use and have purchased from Vinted several times now. I really like that you can find children’s fancy dress items; in fact, their kids range is pretty amazing and includes not only clothing, but baby gear, toys, books, furniture, and school supplies!!

slow fashion, second hand shops online, online charity shops

5. (also an App)

About the shop: Depop is a huge online second-hand market that not only sells clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women but kids as well. The search function isn’t as easy (in my opinion) compared to Vinted, but it hasn’t stopped me from finding good buys.

What You’ll Find: Along with hundreds of thousands of clothing and shoe items for sale, you can also find sports equipment, books, music and films, and totally random items in the “other” section. It’s very easy to lose an hour shopping here.

online charity shops, second hand shopping online

6. Thrift+ (also an App)

About the shop: Thrift+ was established in 2014 to create an online charity shop that is as easy to use as ASOS. The shop sells generously donated, high-end items and at least a third of the sale goes to charities chosen by the donor.

Thrift+ does all the work, as in quality checks, photos, and listings, so you don’t have to be weary of shady sellers the way you might on Vinted or Depop.

What You’ll Find: Thrift+ is a great place to make a tight budget go farther as they carry, not only high street brands, but premium brands to at prices that are quite affordable for men and women. (I found an Alexander McQueen top for £33 and that included shipping). They even offer a 30-day return policy if you are unhappy with your purchase.

7. Vestiaire Collective (also an App)

About the shop: Vestiaire specialises in designer brand clothing, shoes and accessories. Items that are over £500 will be shipped to Vestiaire first so they can check the authenticity of the item, which gives you peace of mind when you’re spending that kind of money. They also allow you to return items within 72 hours of receiving the items if you have any problem.

What You’ll Find: High end everything! Besides clothes and shoes for men, women and even children, you will also find accessories, jewellry, watches, vintage items, home décor, and let’s not forget designer clothing for your pets!

8. (children’s clothes)

About the shop: Loopster was founded as a way to buy, sell, and donate gently used (or unused) children’s clothing. With babies and kids growing so fast, often parents find their kids have massive wardrobes but can’t wea fast enough before growing to the next size!

Loopster gives parents an easy way to pass on those hardly worn items to those that can use them and, of course, the option to shop nice quality clothing by size and gender without the unpredictability of a charity shop. (They have clothes for mum, too)!

If you want to sell, you send your clothes in a bag Loopster sends you, they will then check the quality of the clothes and pay you for them. Anything that doesn’t make the cut can either be sent back to you or donated to TRAID, an organisation with projects to stop child and forced labour, provide education for children and garment workers, and to drive transparency in the textile supply chain.

What You’ll Find: Hundreds of children clothing items from brands like Next, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney. The items are checked by Loopster so the quality will be nearly new.


About the Shop: Fabulous online, used bookstore that offers free delivery to the UK and global shipping, too! You can search by title, author, ISBN number, or have a nosy by genre or browsing the bargain bin.

What You’ll Find: Just about any book you want to read including rare and collectable books as well as CDs, DVDs, and games for various platforms including PC and Mac games.

For every book you purchase through the site, they will also donate a book to schools worldwide. Since 2019, they’ve donated over 100,000 books! A sustainable company worth buying from.


About the shop: Amazing, online, used bookstore that works just like an online store for used books. They are a certified B Corporation and specifically address the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

World of Books get many of their books by purchasing them from charity shops that can’t sell them. This means charity shops still earn money from the donations and World of Books keeps millions of books from going to landfill. They have donated thousands of books to UK primary schools and have pledged to donate a million more by 2020.

The site is easy to shop as you can search by title and author and you will also find rare books, music, and DVDs. Shipping is free in the UK.

(If you aren’t ready to make a purchase you can even create a wishlist…mine is crazy long)!

What You’ll Find: Almost any book you can think of! Fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books are all here! You can find music on CDs and Vinyl as well as DVDs and Blu-Rays of popular films and lots of Disney!

The Other (Sort of Best) Place to Shop Second-Hand Online

Facebook Market Place.

I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

I hate the time sucking vampire that it is, but I love the marketplace. You can join local buy and sell groups and easily sell your own items as well as buy items local that you can pick up the same day.

(It also helps when you can see a name and photo of who you are buying from).

Facebook doesn’t offer any protections or return/refund policies for the transactions, so if you are buying something big, like I bought a double jogging pram, use PayPal instead of a bank transfer or cash.

You use the part of the app for sending money to a non-friend or family member for a small fee. (Mine was £7 on a £240 purchase). If you are having an item shipped the fee protects you from any shady sellers that may send damaged items or fail to send them at all.

If you need to get rid of something quick, listing it free will likely have someone picking it up within the hour!

Pre Loved. Save the Planet and Your Pocketbook

Hopefully, you now have the confidence and desire to go forth and shop second-hand. It’s so easy to do and in many cases you are directly helping a person or a charity instead of a big corporation. (Not to mention helping the planet).

Do you know of any other online, pre loved shops? Let me know your faves in the comments below.

34 of the Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands in the UK for your Whole Family

Eco friendly swimsuit brands UK

Summer is here and even if it only means sunbathing and paddling pools in the back garden, you still will want your natural sunscreen and some eco-friendly swimwear.

Choosing sustainable swimwear is just as important as making sustainable fashion choices for the rest of your wardrobe. The materials used make an impact on the environment and the labour involved still needs to be considered.

Unfortunately, with “Sustainable,” “Eco-Friendly,” “Environmentally Friendly,” “Ethically Made,” the official new buzzwords for getting sales a lot of greenwashing happens.

I compiled a list of almost 80 brands that have shown up in my sustainable swimwear searches.

Let me tell you! There are a lot of companies that say they are ethical or sustainable but have nothing to back it up.

Luckily, the guesswork and research has been done for you. I went through each brand and looked at materials, sustainability practices and policies and sent a few emails asking for clarification.

What I ended up with was a list of brands that I am comfortable recommending to you and you get a chance to have stylish swimwear for your whole family with minimal cost to the planet.

If you choose to grab rash guards for your family, you can enjoy SPF 50 protection without the hassle of reapplying sunscreen.

You will also reduce the amount of sunscreen you do use by about half which is less chemicals (good or bad) going into the water. (Saves you money, too!)

This page may contain some affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. See below for full disclosures.

Find out more about Sustainable Sunscreens in the UK.

Quick List of Sustainable UK Swimwear Brands for Your Family

What Makes a Brand Sustainable?

When looking at sustainable brands it helps to look at all the things a company would need to be sustainable.

The UN has a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals that offer a great basis for companies to base their sustainability on particularly Goal 12.

Sustainable brands will be ones that are transparent in working conditions (including child labour and anti-slavery statements), materials used, environmental impact-energy, water, chemicals, and waste management.

No matter what brand you consider purchasing, swimwear or general clothing, a truly sustainable brand will be proud of their sustainable credentials and flash them on their website like the badges of honour they are.

If the brand does not have a sustainability section, there’s a good chance there is a reason for that, and it would be a brand to avoid or even better call out in an email or social media platform asking why.

There are no perfect brands (yet) that I have come across and even Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index failed to find a brand/company that was 100% transparent in their practices.

What the brands in this list do have are sustainable materials, low carbon footprints for shipping to the UK, and pay workers at every level a living wage.

Some brands go above and beyond that. Some are Certified B corporation, while others make donations to charities that help fight things like ocean pollution. Some brands even offer recycling schemes that create a closed-loop business model.

Sustainable Fabrics

When looking for a sustainable brand, you also want to look at what materials and fabrics are being used.

ECONYL is one of the most sustainable material for swimwear. It is made from recycled nylon that could have been anything from discarded and ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps, and even carpet flooring.

The regenerated nylon is infinitely recycled without losing any integrity.

REPREVE is another sustainable fabric made from plastic bottles and they have recycled over 20 billion so far.

Brands that avoid print placement will save fabric waste and each piece will be unique as well.

When looking at sustainability for fabrics, look for OEKO-TEX and GOTS certifications.

The Price of Sustainability

The prices of these brands sometimes will be higher than the brands not on the list and for good reason.

The cost is often reflective of the true cost of making the clothes and the people who gather the material, sew it, and get it to you are paid fairly. Most of these brands also produce the swimwear in small batches to avoid waste but still be able to guarantee a set amount to the factories making them.

You will also pay more for quality and the swimwear brands recommended below often are made to mix and match as well as being designed in classic styles that can be worn year after year.

And that is where you come in as a sustainable consumer.

Buy your swimwear with the intention that you are going to wear it year after year until it wears out.

Buying new every year is not sustainable especially given how few times you wear swimsuits in a summer. Ideally you will look for a classic style and colours that can be mixed and matched creating different looks.

For many brands your swimwear will need to be preordered. This is a good indicator that the swimwear is made in small batches as they get the numbers before they place the order with their factories. This is an effective way to create less waste.

For your kids it’s a different story because of how fast they grow which makes brands, like Noma, appealing because the swimwear is gender neutral so it can be passed down to siblings. (It is also why I specifically mention a certain brand at the end that is sure to raise some eyebrows).

Caring for Your Swimwear

No matter what swimwear you buy, sustainable or not, chances are it’s made out of synthetic materials that will shed microfibres in your washing machine. Those microfibres are what ends up polluting our water supply with plastic.

One way to combat this is to grab a Guppy Friend. You pop your swimwear (or any other synthetics) into the bag and wash as stated on the tags. If your clothes shed any microfibres, the bag will catch close to 90% of them which you can properly dispose of after the wash. The bag also helps prevent fibre loss in the first place because of the bags smooth material extending the life of your garments.

You can also try a Plastics LUV-R which is a more expensive option, however you don’t have to separate your laundry as it’s a filter that attaches to your washer. It is a reusable filter that you clean/empty every couple of loads and it catches 87% of the plastic fibres being washed away from your clothes.

Every bit helps us ultimately drink less plastic.

3 Notes on the Sustainable Swimwear Brands Listed

1. The companies listed below want you to consciously buy quality pieces meant to last years. Most of the companies allow returns or exchanges within a specified time frame, but in many cases, the returns are not free and must be done so in as soon as 7 days.

Again, they want you to be confident you are buying what you want…what you really, really want. 

Obviously, if sizing is an issue, return it, but ideally you would try to be as accurate as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of all the transporting.

2. The prices are based on new, full price (not sale) items and based on a whole swimsuit- top and bottom at the time of this publishing.

If you only need a top or bottom, then you would obviously pay less for the piece you need. Most brands also have sale items available, which will be less than the prices listed here.

3. If you choose to buy outside of the UK, remember there will also be foreign transaction fees if it’s in Euros or Dollars, as well as possible customs charges that you will need to be aware of. I tried to keep the list as UK based as possible, but want to make sure you have enough options to choose from so kids’ and men’s swimwear may be located in the EU.

So, without further ado, here are sustainable brands that you can feel good purchasing from without wreaking havoc on the planet.

Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Babies and Kids

Noma Swimwear

£18 and up

Sizes 6m-14y

Based in the UK, Noma offers swimwear (and hats!) for babies and kids sized 0-12y. The swimwear is made from 78% Econyl and they’ve just recently added boardshorts made from 100% recycled bottles, too. Noma also offers a swimwear recycling scheme!

The swimwear is made up of rash guards and swim short combos in gender neutral colours which makes it perfect for passing swimwear down to siblings.

If you have other swimwear you can always grab a rash guard to get some added sun protection without having to keep reapplying sun cream.

Eco friendly swimwear for kids uk

Image used with written permission.


£14 and up

Sizes 0-10y

Made in factories in India, Turkey, Portugal, and China. Frugii products are then sailed to the UK for distribution. They makes swimwear for babies and kids up to 10y in fun colours and patterns with Oeko-Tex approved fabric that can be mixed and matched depending on how much coverage you want for your littles.

They also offer GOTS certified organic cotton hooded towels and robes for when your littles need a break from the water.

eco friendly swimwear for kids uk

Image used with written permission.

Kite Clothing

£18 and up

Sizes 0-11y

Kite clothing is based in the UK and uses only sustainable materials in not only their swimwear, but clothing as well. They use recycled bottles, GOTS organic cotton and other fabrics that are Oeko-Tex certified.

The patterns on the swimwear are so sweet and they offer sunhats, too.

eco friendly swimwear for kids uk

Image used with written permission.


£15 and up

Sizes 3m-4y

Mori manufactures their swimwear in Turkey and uses 79% recycled nylon. The swimwear is great for littles because of the full coverage and SPF 50 protection of the swimwear.

Mori also has a recycling scheme called the Kindness Project. They take back any of your outgrown, used Mori items and create packages for families in need and whatever can’t be used gets recycled. You also get a discount on your next purchase which is helpful if going up a size.

If you need other clothes, Mori also has a line of organic cotton and bamboo clothing.

Mini A Ture

€30 and up

Sizes 0-12y

Mini A Ture is a company based in Denmark and their swimwear is made with 100% REPREVE. Even though it’s a European based country, their sustainability transparency is just so good. They are certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex, as well as BLUESIGN and BSCI which monitor the working conditions in the supply chain.

The company also donates to Sunway Children’s home in India and Red Barnet a children’s organisation in Denmark.

The patterns are absolutely precious, so whether you are buying swimwear or clothes, you can feel good about making a purchase here.

eco friendly swimwear for kids uk

Image used with written permission.


£12 and up

Sizes 0-14y

Zoggs is an Australian company that ships worldwide. Though it carries more competitive style swimwear and equipment, they also offer a leisure range of swimwear as well. 80% of their swimwear range is made from EcoLast which is their own brand of recycled material using plastic bottles and fishing nets.

Zoggs also carries swimming nappies, float suits, and maternity suits along with their adult range.

Eco friendly swimwear for kids uk

Image used with written permission.


€39 and up

Sizes 1y-8y

Noenael is based in Germany and makes their swimwear from Econyl. They run their website with 100% hydropower and do everything they can to keep their carbon footprint low.

The downside is that they generally only ship in Germany; however, you can request to have items delivered outside of Germany.

Is it worth the extra cost? That’s up to you, but if you are lucky enough to live in Germany, this is a lovely company for sustainable children’s swimwear. They even have mum sizes so you can match your littles if you wanted to.


£12 and up

Sizes 0-Adult

Adidas is one of the only big brands that I feel comfortable recommending. They are a bit more transparent in their supply chain and doing more to ensure that workers throughout the chain are doing so in safe conditions and paid fairly. They are also a signatory of ZDHC, meaning they are working to zero hazardous chemicals in their supply chain.

While it takes more that that to be a sustainable brand including things like waste, water, and energy management, sustainable materials, etc. Adidas is trying to address those issues and is working on a more closed loop system including recycled running shoes. A brand this large may take all 30 years to figure it out, but at least they are working on it.

Every brand needs to be working on it.

When it comes to Adidas swimwear just BEWARE not all of the swimwear is made from recycled materials. You have to look for the ones specifically labelled as such.

Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Men


£50 and up

Sizes 28W-36W

Finisterre is an amazing company to purchase from. They are a Certified B Corporation, use 100% Econyl for their swimwear and even offer a repair service for wetsuits and jackets. They have a wide range of clothing for men and women as well and only use organic cotton.

They were also the runner up for Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 Brand of the Year.

Love Brand & Co.

£100 and up

Sizes S-XXL

Love Brand & Co. are made with 100% recycled polyester all the way down to the labels in tags. The swim trunks are dyed using dye-sublimation which produces zero waste and removes the need for water in the printing process. They are designed in the UK and made in Spain and your swimwear will be delivered in recycled packaging with carbon offets applied.

My favourite part, well one of them, is their “Trunks for Trunks.” Love Brand & Co. are a part of ‘1% for the Planet’ and in their case they donate to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, specifically with their Orphan’s Project where they raise elephants orphaned due to poaching, human-wildlife conflict, habitat loss and drought. They have successfully raised 260 baby elephants so far.

My other favourite part is that dads and sons can have matching swimwear. (They carry lovely, flowy resort wear for mum, too).

eco friendly swimwear for men uk

Image used with written permission.


£55 and up

Sizes S-XXL

Patagonia uses recycled polyester, nylon and Fair Trade materials. They donate 1% of their sales (over $100 million so far) to saving the planet and have supported over 1,000 groups working to save the planet. They also offer a repair and recycling scheme for all of their products creating a closed loop system.

Patagonia has a children’s swimwear range but is only available in the US at this time.


€69 and up

Sizes 28W-38W

Vissla is a French based company that uses 100%  REPREVE and CocoTex in their swimwear.

If you are into water sports and need a wetsuit, they also offer a more sustainable neoprene wetsuit that uses limestone and rubber tyre waste. Their dope dying process also uses less water and energy. Vissla is BLUESIGN certified, too.

eco friendly swimwear for men uk

Image used with written permission.

Riz Boardshorts


Sizes 30W-38W

Made in the EU and UK, Riz Boardshorts digitally print their materials creating less hazardous waste than traditional dyes. The materials are 100% recycled and they are produced in small batches to reduce waste.

They also offer a recycling scheme of all of their boardshorts and give you 25% off your next purchase for it creating a closed loop business model.

eco friendly swimwear for men uk

Image used with written permission.

Sustainable Swimwear Brands for Women

Ahhhh, ladies, we have so many more options when it comes to sustainable swimwear and given that we’ve had all of our major growth spurts already, there really is no excuse not to purchase a sustainable swimsuit that you can wear year after year. Happy hunting.

Ruby Moon

£55 and up

Sizes XS-XL

Ruby Moon is made in the UK and Spain and is the only not-for-profit swimwear company! Not only are they using 100% sustainable materials, they specifically address the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Their range of swimwear is labelled Gym to Swim because everything doubles as gym wear and swimwear so it can do double duty in the off season.

eco friendly swimwear for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Stay Wild Swim

£120 and up

Sizes 6-18UK

Stay Wild Swim is manufactured in the UK using 100% Econyl. Awarded Drapers Ones to Watch Award as an up and coming company built on sustainable practices. They pride themselves on operating a small factory with zero waste. They use carbon neutral shipping and sustainable materials for the clothing, the tags, and the packing materials.

Davy J

£50 and up

Sizes 8/10-16/18UK

Davy J is another Made in England brand that uses 100% Econyl in their swimwear. The swimwear is designed to be active in without any wardrobe malfunctions. At the end of your swimsuit’s useful life they have a recycling scheme and take back any of their old swimwear to be recycled or repurposed creating a closed-loop company.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Deakin & Blue

£95 and up

Sizes 8-18 plus by bra size AA-HH

Deakin and Blue is made in small batches in London using 100% Econyl. They work with Oeko-Tex suppliers to ensure fair pay and minimal waste. They use sustainable packaging all the way down to soy-based ink.

Each piece also has a #BraHijack label reminding you to check for breast cancer. They also donate to marine conservation organisations.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Pursuit the Label

£90 and up

Sizes 6-18UK

Pursuit the Label is made in the UK in small batches using 100% Econyl. Most swimwear is preorder which is a good indicator that they only make what they can sell so no excessive waste. There is 0 plastic in their packaging.

Pursuit’s goal is for you to buy quality not quantity.

Lula Ru

£145 and up

Sizes 8-14UK

Lula Ru is a small company producing their swimwear in small batches in London. The company uses EUROJERSEY which is a fabric company that closely monitors their production line in efforts to reduce waste, water and energy usage and chemicals. All the materials are sent in reusable canvas bags so no plastic waste there! The company also donates to charitable causes and is working towards being carbon neutral.

Though not recycled material (yet) this company is a start up with big plans for sustainability. All the swimsuits are designed to be mixed and matched. Instead of buying a whole new suit, Lula Ru makes it easy to change your look with a simple accessory swap.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Kymina Farrah

£75 and up

Sizes 8-16UK

Kymina Farrah makes their swimwear in small batches in London using 91% Econyl in their swimwear. When your swimwear reaches the end of it’s life, you can send it in to be recycled and get a 10% discount on your next purchase.

The styles are minimal and based on styles from past decades, the 50’s inspired Sophia is my personal favourite, but I would wear any of them.

eco friendly swimwear for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Holiday Romance

£32 and up

Sizes 8-16 UK

Holiday Romance is an England based company that produces their swimwear in small batches. They use Econyl in their swimwear and do admit it’s not 100% yet. Their fabric is however OEKO-TEX certified. They also use sustainable packaging. The styles can be mixed and matched and they have a cute puff-sleeved bikini top that could easily double as festival-wear.

What’s especially unique is if you are having trouble getting the right size, Holiday Romance offers a customisation service and can work with you to get the right fit.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.


£88 and up

Sizes 6/8-12/14 UK

Stidston is made in England in small batches using Econyl and other pre and post-consumer waste. They also offer clothing made from TENCEL and Linen. Stidston also avoids print placement which reduces waste material trying to cut everything the same.


£80 and up

Sizes 8-16 UK

Finisterre is an amazing company to purchase from. They are a Certified B Corporation, use 100% Econyl for their swimwear and even offer a repair service for wetsuits and jackets. They have a wide range of clothing for men and women as well and only use organic cotton.

What’s especially fun is some of the swimwear is reversable, so it’s like getting two for the price of one!

They were also the runner up for Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 Brand of the Year.


£95 and up

Sizes XS-XL

Patagonia uses recycled polyester, nylon and Fair Trade materials. They donate 1% of their sales (over $100 million so far) to saving the planet and have supported over 1,000 groups working to save the planet. They also offer a repair and recycling scheme for all of their products creating a closed loop system.

Patagonia also has reversable swimwear available, so it’s like two swimsuits for the price of one. If you buy a bikini it’s 4 swimsuits!

Patagonia has a children’s swimwear range, but at the time of this writing it’s only available in the US.

Bower Swimwear

£145 and up

Sizes 6/8-12/14 UK

Bower was a Finalist in Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 for Brand of the Year. They use Econyl fabric for their swimwear and donate 1% of every purchase to Healthy Seas.

They use sustainably sourced packaging, a small factory in Italy to make the swimwear and their resort wear is made from linen and cotton in limited quantities to reduce waste.

eco friendly swimwear for women uk

Image used with written permission.


$135 and up

Sizes 6/8-12/14 UK

Fisch is a small US company that uses Econyl fabric sent from Italy. If you order directly from their site your swimwear would then ship from the US. The shipping footprint would be huge, but you can find the swimwear on Net-A-Porter and Matches which will help until the company sets up an EU fulfilment centre once the market has grown for it.


€90 and up

Sizes 8-14 UK

Ohoy uses 100% Econyl in their swimwear and uses a small family-run factory in Sri Lanka to make the swimwear. They make the swimwear in small batches to guarantee a set amount of work for the factory and any waste material they have is repurposed for children’s toys.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.


£135 and up

Sizes 6/8-12 UK

Arkitaip use 80% recycled materials and 100% Econyl liner for their swimwear. This is really a neat swimwear company as the swimwear is handmade, crochet swimwear! The crochet style makes the swimsuit tops easily double as festival wear or pair it with a flowy BoHo skirt.

The factory for their clothing is based in Portugal and they are really transparent in their working conditions- fair pay, 1 hour lunches and half days on Fridays. They have many plans moving forward including a recycling scheme by 2028.

Their clothing line is 100% Linen and is certified by Masters of Linen.

Please note if you order a bespoke item, it’s a final sale and not eligible for returns.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.


£50 and up

Sizes 6-20UK

Batoko uses 100% Econyl. The company is based in England and ships from China which is a bigger shipping footprint but they are a micro company in China and make all of the swimwear in small batches.

They are super transparent about their supply chain and the prints are fun and funky. Despite the distance, this brand is a good one.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image by Brooklyn Stone used with written permission.

UND Swimwear

€140 and up

Sizes 8-12 UK

UND Swimwear is made in small batches in Italy using 100% Econyl. The brand itseld uses suppliers that take other aspects of the environment like energy, water, and waste usage into consideration as well as having a low carbon footprint.

UND also prides itself in having non-seasonable clothing. The reason fast fashion is fast is the constant changing of product. UND specifically addresses that by slowing down how fast their items change.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Casa Raki

£75 and up

Sizes 6/8-12/14

Casa Raki makes their swimwear in small batches in an all-women run factory in Portugal using Econyl in their swimwear and GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified fabrics for their clothing. They offer tips to their customers on caring for their garments to make them last as well as ideas for what to do when they finally reach the end of their usefulness.

Lilliput and Felix

£95 and up

Sizes 8-14 UK

Lilliput and Felix is another brand that makes it’s swimwear in small batches in Portugal using Econyl and recycled fibres. They are members of the Sustainability Alliance making sure their packaging is sustainable and they also received the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for social and environmental sustainability.

My favourite part is they donate unused fabrics and trims to schools, charities and local projects to avoid waste.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Evarae Itea

£210 and up

Sizes 6/8-14/16 UK

Evarae Itea offers swimwear made in Italy and clothing made in India. The swimwear is made in small batches using Econyl and they also offer a repair and recycle service making them a more circular business.

They also plant a tree for every online order they fulfil and they donate 2% of your total sale to various environmental and social justice charities.

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

Away that Day

£98 and up

Sizes 6-14 UK

Away That Day’s Econyl made swimwear is manufactured by a small family run business in Bali. You can even see a picture on their site of one of the women making your swimwear using Fashion Revolutions #Imadeyourclothes.

Their packaging is compostable and the tissue used to pack your clothing is from a sustainable company that contributes to global reforestation.


€95 and up

Sizes 6-18 UK

AAVA swimwear is made in small batches in the EU using 78% Econyl. The swimwear is then shipped in recycled cotton pouches that you can keep and reuse and the mailer is reusable and compostable.

1 People

£79 and up

Sizes S-XL

1 People make their swimwear (and activewear) using in Bali and Denmark using Econyl along with Pinatex and Tencel which are all GOTS certified and Oeko-Tex certified.

1 People uses plant-based dyes on their materials which will have less of a chemical impact on the environment. This is one brand that specifically tells you that the materials used do not contain harmful chemicals which is reassuring. They also have posted their certificate for the UNs carbon offsetting and have offset the equivalent of 14 tonnes of CO2 so far.

Aside from being good for the planet, you can see a little donation icon next to the products that let you know how much is being donated to their Business for the Planet program aimed at fighting poverty by helping “new, social businesses get off the ground by providing them advice, access to networking opportunities, micro-loans and so much more.”

eco friendly swim suits for women uk

Image used with written permission.

The Company I am Hesitant to Bring Up (But Did Anyway)

So, I am a realist and realise that while spending triple digits for adult swimwear is justifiable (I think) because adults generally aren’t changing sizes every year (and you should be buying swimwear with the intention of using it until it falls apart), I realise that not everyone has the luxury of spending £50 on swimwear for their kids to wear one season. They just grow fast.

So, what’s the brand?

The H&M Group.

I almost cringe typing it because I know what you are thinking- they are one of the stores that screams fast fashion with the huge amounts of stock that constantly changes. It’s one brand people point to for greenwashing. It generally gets a bad rap.

I’m sure I’ll get crap for putting it on this list, but hear me out.

Yes, it does fall into that category of fast fashion, however, there is a lot of good to be said about the H&M group which also includes, Arket and Monki

Out of the hundreds of brands on Fashion Revolutions 2020 Fashion Index, H&M Group was the highest rated company for transparency.

Their 2019 sustainability report is 85 pages and more thorough than some of the brands listed above. They address things like reducing water usage (7% since 2017, not great but in the right direction with a goal of 25% by 2022). They address eliminating toxic chemicals from all of their lines by 2020 and are signatory members of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) programme (same as Adidas).

Because of the sheer size of the company (over 1.1 million in their supply chain) and the amount of factories and suppliers H&M Group uses it’s hard to say if they really treat and pay all of their worker’s fairly, but they do have a Human Rights Policy, Modern Slavery Statement, and Child Labour Policy and are transparent in how many issues have been resolved in the past year (27).

H&M was also a finalist in Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 for Best Supply Chain Initiative, Best Use of Technology for Good, and Progress Towards Circularity. H&M was also a finalist for Retailer of the Year.

It’s so hard to say yes, or no, to supporting these brands, but I would feel better purchasing from H&M than other fast fashion brands.

In the meantime, there is nothing that says you can’t send an email or tweet them directly, saying, “hey, I like your clothes, I appreciate your transparency, but what are you doing about your overproduction of fashion?” or “what are you doing to slow down your brand?”

If you are a parent with limited resources for swimwear and don’t have access to second-hand, H&M brands are better than competitors like Primark, Zara, and #BoycottBoohoo.

H&M and Arket offer swimwear for the entire family starting at £9 for children. Monki caters to women from around £20 and up.

Again, I know not everyone has the means to buy from the list above, which is the only reason I am recommending these brands.

The three stores offer clothing recycling schemes in store and take any brand in any condition with nothing going to landfill. I have used the service myself and just because they give you a £5 voucher to shop with later, it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Armed with Information

Though it’s not an exhaustive list it, it should leave you with enough options to get some sustainable swimwear for your entire family at a pricepoint that works for you and the planet.

Hopefully, you also have an idea of what to look for in sustainability in your regular clothing brands as well as anything else you purchase new.

Let me know if I have left off any of your favourites in the comments below.