The 23 Best Mother’s Day Gifts That Not Only Take Care of Mum But the Planet, Too!

Mother’s Day is an easy holiday for those wishing to give a gift.


Because mums, step-mums, grandmas, or any other mother-figure in your life basically like everything and anything given to them on Mother’s Day (and let’s be honest will fake it if they don’t). They just enjoy the recognition and being taken care of for a change.

So instead of approaching the day in a panic thinking ‘what do I get?’, think about what a mum lacks every other day of the year. Time to herself? Sleep? Pampering? Having control over the telly? Being able to sing to her favourite songs on the radio without someone complaining? If her kids are older, chances are she just wants more time with them so lunch dates, family nights, and meals she doesn’t have to cook would all be a treat.

Giving her those things may not seem like a lot but will mean the world to her.

The gifts below can be made as simple or extravagant as you want, and each has been selected because you 1. are supporting a small, local business, and 2. the items are sustainable, shipped sustainably, are ethically made, vegan or cruelty free, and no nasty chemicals.

Everything mum deserves and eco-friendly. #winning

Some of the links below are affiliate links in which I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

1. Coupons

Whether you make them yourself or grab some cute ones like these at Etsy, you have a completely customisable and thoughtful gift that could include things she wants every year like a 1 hour Play with Mum’s Hair coupon.

You can even pick a coupon and add an extra little pampering treat from the gifts below.

Head Care

Mum’s heads are constantly going a million miles an hour juggling never-ending to-do lists, schedules, appointments, work, the house and so on, so giving her a way to relax her pretty little head would naturally be a great gift.

If you give her the 1 Hour Play with Mum’s Hair coupon then using a new brush on her for like an hour would make the gift just. Spot. On.

2. A Wooden Hair Brush

This lovely brush is made from bamboo and natural rubber. The bamboo pins will gently massage mum’s scalp and increase circulation.

It’s shipped in plastic free packaging and for every product purchased a tree gets planted. What a lovely way to take care of mum.

3. Scrunchies

Take care of mums hair with scrunchies. The soft fabric will tie mum’s hair back when she showers, washes her face, or has to nip out for a quick gym session without breaking her hair the way traditional hair bands do.

These scrunchies come in lots of colours and are made with bamboo silk so they are totally vegan. No plastic packaging either.


4. Scalp Massager and Serum

Motherhood, at times,has a way of making mum feel like she’s losing her hair (or ready to pull it out herself) so why not help her head out with a silicone scalp massager and some hair growth serum.

It smells lovely and the massage is sure to relax mum after a long day.


5. Shampoo and Conditioner

While shampoo and conditioner may not seem like a great Mother’s Day Gift, if you combine it with a couple things like the scrunchies and brush, you have created a head pampering package that she will surely enjoy.

This set is refillable or recycleable and full of natural, vegan ingredients that promote healthy, shiny hair. What’s not to love?


A Good Night’s Sleep

Chances are mum’s last good night’s sleep was so long ago she won’t remember, so letting mum have a lie in (or a nap) with a few things to make it extra restful will let her recharge her batteries and make her more happy to see you when she wakes.

6. Lavender Pillow Spray

This calming, gorgeous scent of pillow spray will help send mum off into a deep relaxing sleep. (Can also be used as a room freshener).

The ingredients are organic and include Soil Associaltion Certified alcohol. You can even choose the colour of glass bottle from purple, blue, or brown.

7. Bamboo Silk Pillow Case

Protect mums hair and reduce wrinkles with this. Silk pillow cases don’t draw moisture from the skin and hair and are naturally antibacterial which will keep mum’s skin clear, too.

This one is made from Bamboo silk and is a great vegan alternative to silk that isn’t plastic like satin.

100% Silk with Cotton Underside

If you aren’t looking for a vegan pillow case, then you can grab this silk and cotton pillow case that is OEKO-TEX certified meaning it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The cotton underside means no slipping pillow.

Both pillow cases are curly hair friendly, and you have a choice of sizes and colours, too.

8. Warming Eye Pillow

If mum ever gets headaches (ha, of course she does) then this warming eye pillow will help soothe her head.

The pillows use whole corn kernals and cotton fabric. They can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer is she wants to soothe puffy eyes.


Hand and Foot Care

Mums are constantly running around using there hands and being on their feet all day long. Here’s some treats to show them a little love. These go really well with foot massage (or pedicure) coupons, too. Just sayin’.

9. Foot Balm

Offering mum a foot massage for Mother’s Day? Then grab some foot balm to make for a complete foot pampering package.

This foot balm uses organic, fair trade ingredients, is vegan and cruelty free. A little goes a long way so feel free to use this balm on rough elbows and knees, too.

10. Cozy Bamboo Socks

A natural compliment to the foot balm, cozy socks will help mum’s feet soak in all that moisture and leave her feet extra soft.

Bamboo is a sustainable material making these comfy socks eco-friendly, too. This company also donates a pair of socks for every pair sold.


11. Cotton Gloves

If you are taking care of mum’s hands then a pair of cotton gloves are perfect for moisturising her hands while she sleeps. Have her put on her favourite cream and then lock that moisture in with these gloves.

The gloves are 100% cotton and come in sets of two so mum always has a clean pair.


12. Nail Polish

Did you give mum a coupon for a manicure or pedicure? These Aura Organics nail polishes come in 9 fun colours (like fiery chilli in the photo) that are vegan and even more importantly, low-toxic.

If you want to get a full pamper set you can grab the full Low Toxic Manicure and Pedicure set that includes a low toxic base coat, top coat, colour of your choice as well as a bottle of organic cuticle oil, toe separators, nail file, and cuticle stick.

A Hot Drink and Treats

Chances are mum can’t remember the last time she had a hot drink the first time she made it. Her day probably consists of making her tea, getting interrupted and either reheating the tea or semi enjoying iced tea. Help a mama out and give her the hot drink she’s been longing for.

13. Insulated Drink Cup

These stainless steel mugs are double lined to keep your drink hot (or cold if you fancy) and come in a variety of colours. You can even have it personalised for mum so no one tries to take it,


14. Insulated Travel Cup

Does mum get her hot drinks on the go? Whether she makes a drink at home or gets it at the coffee shop, she will be able to enjoy her hot drink (while it’s hot) in a super cute cup.


15. Yummy Treats

What mum doesn’t occasionally enjoy a sweet treat with her hot tea or coffee?

Create your own version of afternoon tea with these yummy brownies with customisable toppings. Maybe she’ll share.

Need gluten free treats? Try these Gluten Free Burnt Butter Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Need vegan treats? Try these Vegan Mini Donuts. You get to choose up to 3 flavours in a box like cookies and cream. Yum.

An At-Home Spa Day

If you have a bath tub, put it to good use. Give her some time for a long soak with a playlist of her choice and go away. Let her enjoy it as long as she needs.

16. Bubble Bath

Give mum a plastic free bubble bath that contains no nasty chemicals. Did I mention they smell amazing, too?

17. Face Mask

Want to give mum a mini facial? While she soaks in a bubbly bath alone?

Then try these Serum Sheet face masks. They are shipped in recyclable backaging are biodegradeable masks with no plastic. The ingredients are natural and smell lovely.

Pop the mask in the fridge before mum uses it if she wants a cooling effect.

18. Candle

Nothing like candles to make the bathroom smell nice or to create relaxing mood lighting.

The candles are soy based and come in a lovely copper tin. The packaging is plastic free, too.

19. Loofah

A natural, plant-based alternative to plastic scrubbers in the shop, these loofahs come in a pack of two in plastic-free packaging.

The perfect addition to mum’s bubble bath.

20. Body Cream

Finish mum’s bath experience with some lovely, moisturising body cream.

FunkySoapLondon’s organic cream goes on lovely and comes in a beautiful, glass bottle with an aluminum lid making it 100% recyclable.


Give Her the Remote for a Day

Mum may have different tastes in movies and TV shows, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve some time picking what you watch.

Most likely she has watched countless, shit, cartoons on repeat to appease her young children.

She deserves this. More than once.

21. A Handkerchief

If mum likes dramas or rom coms, chances are she may need a tissue.

A set of handkerchiefs means she can wash and reuse them again and again instead of using countless disposables.

These beautiful hankies are handprinted designs on certified organic cotton.

22. Popcorn

Create a home cinema experience by getting mum some fancy popcorn to enjoy with her favourite film.

This fun box of pop your own includes 3 different, natural ingredient seasonings; caramel crisp, sugar and spice, and chilli and lemon.

23. A Cozy Weighted Blanket

There’s just something about curling up on the couch to watch a movie that makes one want to snuggle under a blanket.

If you are giving mum the remote for a day, maybe include a blanket for her to snuggle up in.

This blanket is 100% linen and filled with glass beads. The weight will make her feel like she’s being held even if everyone abandons her over her film choice.

This blanket is so good, it may end up on her bed, too.

Give Mum What She Wants (Honestly)

Mums just want time with their families (with some time alone sprinkled in to recharge from all the time with their family).

While personalised gifts, jewellery and flowers are nice, a gift that makes her life a little less chaotic once in a while is something that will never go out of style, collect dust somewhere, or be given away later on down the road.

Let me know in the comments below what gifts have been the biggest hits for the special mum in your life.

Need more ideas? Try The Gift of She-Time a plethora of spa gift boxes over at Etsy to help mum relax.

You can also check out The 11 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Aren’t Stuff if you are looking for experience gifts just for mum.

14 of the Best Experience Gifts for Kids

unique christmas gifts for kids, experience christmas gifts for kids

Giving the gift of memories are the gifts that genuinely last a lifetime and while a child’s memory is limited in what it will remember long-term, giving them experiences won’t be a waste of time or money.

First, you will remember. You will remember the big squeals and smiles, you’ll remember your child’s infectious enthusiasm, and you will probably remember the inevitable meltdown if the fun goes on for too long (always bring snacks). If you take pictures, they will help your child remember, too.

Secondly, you are putting value on memories and experiences. By giving your child gifts that aren’t physical objects and toys, you are teaching them that time with family is a gift and that they are fun gifts.

Finally, this may be a bit selfish to say, but let’s face it, who wants more toys in the house to trip over. Experience gifts won’t clutter your house, won’t lead to arguments over who has to pick them up, and they won’t have a chance to break leading to you frantically trying to repair it and ending up in a sad, gluey mess.

The gifts listed below, are ones the whole family can participate in and give you the peace of mind of flexible exchanges, long expiration dates (20 months), and even free extensions in some cases.

So go ahead.

Plan something fun for your kids (and you, too).

Some of the links below are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. See full disclosures below.

Memorable experience gifts for kids

1. Photo Shoot

This is a fun memorable gift because your child gets to play dress up and pretend to be a fairy, elf, or superhero. You get gorgeous photos to remember them forever and your child will be excited to see the results, too!

This experience is for four family members over the age of 5 and includes refreshments throughout the experience. Oh, and you get a 12 x 8 photo included as well.

Being able to get up close and personal with animals is something most kids enjoy (depending on the animal) and will remember.

As a parent, I like the fact that exposing children to animals teaches them to love and respect the creatures we share the planet with. When you teach them to love animals as kids, they grow into adults that value their existence and are willing to protect them. So here are a couple of animal interaction activities you can experience with your kids.

2. Walking Alpacas

Get up close and personal with soft, adorable alpacas. Your family gets to take them for a walk and learn all about the cuddly animals.

The farm is also home to giant bunnies, pygmy goats, chickens and runner ducks.

3. Meet Meerkats

The Animal Experience in Ely, is home to some incredibly friendly meercats. Not only do you get to feed them, but they will climb all over you!

A fun unique experience for your family. Minimum age is 8 and beware, the meercats may eat your shoelaces.

4. Piggy Pet and Play

If you have kids that have watched Babe or Charlotte’s Web then this experience is bound to be exciting for them.

Kids of all ages can head into the pens to play with, pet, and groom micro pigs and piglets!

5. Farmer Ted’s

Farmer Teds has something for kids of all ages and when I say all ages I mean dads and grandads will have fun, too. There are soft play areas and a café, animals to visit in the barn and activities like pedal go-karts, zip lines, and other places to play sprinkled through the site. A really fun day out for the whole family.

Season Tickets also available.

6. Acorn Farm

This sweet little farm is perfect if you have toddlers because it’s small. It’s easy to walk around and see everything before your little one gets burnt out.

There is a fun animal experience where your little ones sit on bales of hay and have different animals brought to them to pet. Olivia loved the rat and we found out that Lee is allergic to guinea pigs. Good times.

experience gifts for toddlers

7. Child’s Beach Horse Riding Experience

If you have ever been to the beach and given in to your kids riding on the donkeys, then this experience is likely to be right up their street. Complete with helmets and smaller horses for the kids, this beach riding experience is not only fun, but a safe one, too.

Not all successful experience gifts for kids have to include animals. Here’s some animal free adventures for you.

8. Dreamland Margate Entry and Unlimited Rides

Dreamland is a fun seaside amusement park that has rides for all ages. The unlimited wristband also includes access to The Octopus’ Garden for younger kids and THE ROLLER DISCO!

A fun day out that could be part of a weekend minibreak, too.

9. Steam Train Day Out

There’s just something fun about riding a train and this day out includes unlimited rides! There’s a refreshments room, play area, and plenty to see throughout the station. You can even visit the 1930s Engine room where several movies have been filmed including Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

10. Family Surf Day

Fistral Beach Surf School offers their surf lessons year round, and coming from this California girl, as long as you have a wetsuit, you’ll be fine no matter the season.

You get a private lesson for your family and once you are all up and surfing you get the equipment for the rest of the day to enjoy what you learned. 

The minimum age for this experience is 6 years old.

11. Family Cinema Tickets and Snacks

It doesn’t matter how may times you go see a film, it’s an activity that never gets old. The snacks and the smell of the popcorn all was a treat in itself and brings back so many memories for me, so here’s your chance to give your kids those memories, too.

12. National Trust Family Membership

This may seem like a strange one, but let me tell you, Lee and I visit a National Trust several times a month with the girls and they love the experience every time. Many of the sites have playgrounds, cafés and other activities and events specifically for kids.

If you  have toddlers, you can take them to any and just let them run free because let’s be honest, toddlers just. Want. To. Run. Might as well be somewhere pretty.

National Trust membership


This is a fun gift for the whole family where everyone over the age of 6 can have an active role. The scavenger hunt is based on the city of your choice where you get to explore landmarks and hidden gems in the city over approximately 2 hours (though you can pause for breaks and site seeing).

The hunts can be done any day you choose even holidays and are good for two years giving you plenty of flexibility in planning your adventure. There’s even at-home adventures available if you aren’t ready to be out and about.

14. Swimming Lessons

If you want to think beyond amusement-style outings, giving a kid lessons for something like swimming is a lifelong skill that will make other activities possible (like water parks) in the future.

Gifted lessons give kids a chance to learn something, try something new, and possibly discover a passion and make new friends, so even if it isn’t swimming lessons, giving lessons of any kind would be a great gift.

experience gifts for kids

Experience Gifts Will Mean More to Your Kids Than Toys

Yes, your kids can and will still create a list of things they want a mile long, but let me tell you, if given the choice they want to spend time with you.

The last year I taught primary school, I had the kids write two letters, one to Santa asking what they wanted for Christmas, and one to their parents asking what they wanted for Christmas.

The letters were very different. The Santa letter had the toys and game consoles, but the parent letter included simple things like a trip to the park.

I then told the kids they could only send one letter. They all sent the parent letter.

My students chose time with their parents over all the toys and technology.

Chances are your kids would make the same choice. They just want time with you.

Hopefully, you found some fun gift ideas in this list or have been inspired to find others.

Toys will eventually lose their appeal, but memories are forever. So whatever the occasion consider giving an experience.

Which experience are you most excited to give? Let me know in the comments below.