Bath time for your kids is probably one of the best parts of their day. Splashing in the tub is not only fun but is calming and a major part of many bedtime routines.

So, can we preserve this part of the routine and enjoy an eco-friendly bubble bath?

Yes, mamas, we can!

Now there are plenty of zero wasters out there that will tell you things like, “kids don’t need bubbles,” or, “just wash them with water,” and while yes, bubbles aren’t necessary for a bath, I am a realistic parent and know that bubbles bring my kids joy. I also know that seeing them lose their minds over bubbles, makes me happy inside, too.

If you have an infant, yes water is just fine for them. Babies don’t do anything to make themselves that dirty that soap or shampoo are necessary for the first three months.

How long you decide not to use anything but water after that is entirely up to you.

I don’t bathe my kids every day as they don’t need it and I feel like the only parent in the U.K. that doesn’t include one in the bedtime routine.

You know what? I’m ok with that. My kids don’t stink.

When they do have baths it’s usually because there is just a little too much food in their hair making them smell when you nuzzle them.

So, let’s get to the fun stuff.

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Snow Fairy Bubble Bar

This bubble bar has fun, swirly colours and an amazing scent.

Break off small pieces of the bar and add them to the bath. Depending how much you break off you can easily get 4 or more bubble baths from this bar.


Coconut Cream Bubble Crumble

This yummy creamy bubble bath comes in a fully recyclable cardboard ice cream tub and has enough crumble to make at least 10 bubble baths.

The ingredients are vegan and has no extra colourings making it great for sensitive skin, but there are other scents like Intergalactic and Enchanted Forest available, too.


Lavender Bubble Bath Dust

This gorgeous purple powder has a relaxing lavender smell (perfect for bedtime) and comes in a paper pouch. The dust form means it’s really easy to choose the amount you use, so this one bag could potentially last ages.

The dust is handmade and is available in other scents like coconut or baby powder, too.


Plastic Free Shampoos, Conditioners, and Soaps, Oh My!

Babies have sensitive skin and really don’t need to be bathed daily with soaps. Some water and a flannel are all you need.

Once your child is a bit older and you would decide to use a soap, shampoo, and conditioner here’s some plastic free options to get you going.

Organic Baby and Toddler Wash Bar

This organic bar can be used not only as a shampoo, but as a body wash as well. This is handy when it comes to storage.

The chamomile and lavender scents are perfect for relaxing your kids at bedtime as well.

Cloud-Shaped Shampoo Bars

Using organic and natural ingredients, these handmade shampoo bars are lovely for kids and in a fun cloud shape as well.

Shampoo bars last for ages making them a very economical choice as well as an earth-friendly one.

Rowdy Kind Little Naughty Never Knotty Shampoo Bar

The bars contain no sulfates and nasties that make your little one’s hair tangled.

These bars are fabulous as not only are they specifically designed for your kids’ hair. They. Float. This is obviously a design for us mamas doing the washing.

Rowdy Kind Man-Go with the Flow Conditioner Bar

The perfect compliment to the Never Knotty shampoo bar, these bars are also vegan and made specifically for your little one’s delicate hair.

These bars also float.

Plastic Free Bath Toys

Giving my girls bath toys is one train I did not get on. I don’t like the idea of toys being so moist all the time.

The squirty ones are destined to grow mould and I just flat out didn’t want to store toys in my bathroom.

This does not mean Olivia and Penny just sit there.

Instead of clogging your house and bathroom with more toys and draining your wallets to buy them (puns totally intended), consider items you already have in the house that would be fun in the bath…

I use cups and bowls from the kitchen, some spoons, and their washing flannels.

That is all they need.

Olivia has been hosting her own cooking episode of CBeebies My World Kitchen for a few months and Penny is now old enough to join in.

So, don’t buy bath toys. This is an item you can save money on and use what you have.

You are bound to be gifted some at some point as well. My girls have more rubber ducks than they could ever use.

Plastic Free Moisturiser For Kids

I make my own body butter. I like having control over the ingredients and one ingredient in particular, grapeseed oil, is great for your skin and hair.

My friend’s midwife recommended grapeseed oil for her new baby and for whatever reason it never occurred to me to use something that simple on my own girls.

I have since fixed this and the girls ask to be oiled after their bath. Woo Hoo!

For your child’s sensitive skin, less is more when it comes to products you apply.


Organic Grapeseed Oil

This little bottle will go a long way as you only need a 20p size amount to spread over your child’s entire body! It’s organic and in a glass bottle, too.

To be fair if you look in your grocery store, you are likely to find grapeseed oil in the same section as olive oil. Look for oil in a dark glass jar as light will break down the goodness. Organic and cold-pressed oils are best for skin as the process isn’t harsh, less pesticides and the goodness is preserved. (Heat processes destroy many of the benefits of any oil).


Super Sensitive Moringa Body Lotion

This cardboard tub of cream is fragrance free and although not specifically designed for kids, it is designed for super sensitive skin (like kids’) and is safe for eczema and psoriasis prone skin.

The ingredients are water, oils and shea butter which are lovely skincare ingredients and combined are designed to keep skin moisturised for 3 days, which is perfect if you don’t bathe daily.

*It does contain almond oil, so I would avoid using this on babies until they are at least one.

Funky Soap London also makes a variety of shampoo bars, conditioner bars and soaps that are all plastic free, so be sure to check out their shop!


Giving your kids a plastic free bubble bath is not only simple, but cost effective, and most importantly, still fun.

I hope you found the suggestions useful, let me know if you come across any other fabulous soaps or plastic free bubble bath products as I would love to try them.