Bath time for your kids is probably one of the best parts of their day. Splashing in the tub is not only fun but is calming and a major part of many bedtime routines.

So, can we preserve this part of the routine and enjoy an eco-friendly bubble bath?

Yes, parents, we can!

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Now there are plenty of zero wasters out there that will tell you things like, “kids don’t need bubbles,” or, “just wash them with water,” and while yes, bubbles aren’t necessary for a bath, I am a realistic parent and know that bubbles bring my kids joy. I also know that seeing them lose their minds over bubbles, makes me happy inside, too.

If you have an infant, yes water is just fine for them. Babies don’t do anything to make themselves that dirty that soap or shampoo are necessary for the first three months.

How long you decide not to use anything but water after that is entirely up to you.

I don’t bathe my kids every day as they don’t need it and I feel like the only parent in the U.K. that doesn’t include one in the bedtime routine.

You know what? I’m ok with that. My kids don’t stink.

When they do have baths it’s usually because there is just a little too much food in their hair making them smell when you nuzzle them.

While I would like the girls to be “no poo” right from the start, Lee doesn’t agree, so I have to compromise and do my best to get eco-friendly bath products for my girls.

So, let’s get to the fun stuff.

1. Plastic Free Bubble Bath

Let’s not beat around the bush. Bubbles are fun. Kids enjoy bubbles both in and out of the bath and I don’t see a reason to eliminate them if there are sensible alternatives (and there are).

• Check out Just Little Changes Plastic Free Bubble Bath.

It’s fragrance and colour free and yes, it has a recycled plastic lid.

That being said, the glass bottle is also recycled and manufactured in the U.K. so it has a lower carbon footprint. It’s ish. More good than bad.

Remember progress is better than perfection and this is the only one I could find that wasn’t a bar.

• Lush also has plastic free bubble bars available.

Just break off a small piece and one bar can easily last a month depending how often you bathe your littles.

• You can also try making your own plastic free bubble bars.

The ingredients are easily available and if you are making a lot, the savings add up.

If you do choose to make your own, the other upside is they make great, inexpensive, plastic free party favours for your kids’ birthday parties!

2. Plastic Free Soaps, Shampoos, and Conditioners, Oh My!

Babies have sensitive skin and really don’t need to be bathed daily with soaps. Some water and a flannel are all you need.

Once your child is a bit older and you would decide to use a soap, shampoo, and conditioner here’s some plastic free options to get you going.

Oliva is a mild soap that’s great for sensitive skin. It’s reasonably priced and if you’re not shopping online it’s easy to find at Holland & Barrett.

• Lush’s Honey I Washed the Kids, Sleepy (Cloud Soap as Olivia calls it), Olive Tree, and Milky Bar are all mild enough for kids to use.

• Conchus is a small U.K. based business and makes lovely, small-batch, handmade soaps.

The Giggle and Softy are their children’s top to toe bar, meaning they are perfect for hair and body, so not only do you have less waste, you have less products in your tub!

My goal is to stop using shampoo and conditioner completely (also known as “no poo”) and if you haven’t started using hair products it might be a good time to decide not to start at all. If you would like to know more click to read about my Journey to “No Poo.”

3. Bath Toys

Giving my girls bath toys is one train I did not get on. I don’t like the idea of toys being so moist all the time.

The squirty ones are destined to grow mould and I just flat out didn’t want to store toys in my bathroom.

This does not mean Olivia and Penny just sit there.

Instead of clogging your house and bathroom with more toys and draining your wallets to buy them (puns totally intended), consider items you already have in the house that would be fun in the bath…

I use cups and bowls from the kitchen, some spoons, and their washing flannels.

That is all they need.

Olivia has been hosting her own cooking episode of CBeebies My World Kitchen for a few months and Penny is now old enough to join in.

So, don’t buy bath toys. This is an item you can save money on and use what you have.

You are bound to be gifted some at some point as well. My girls have more rubber ducks than they could ever use.

4. Plastic Free Moisturiser for kids

I make my own body butter. I like having control over the ingredients and one ingredient in particular, grapeseed oil, is great for your skin and hair.

My friend’s midwife recommended it for her new baby and for whatever reason it never occurred to me to use something that simple on my own girls.

I have since fixed this and the girls ask to be oiled after their bath. Woo Hoo!

The grapeseed oil I found is huge 500ml and comes in a glass bottle. There is bubble wrap around the bottle when it’s delivered but I can easily reuse that.

The shelf life is 6-12 months and I can say that this one bottle will last me the full year, making this an incredibly economical buy as a zero-waste moisturiser.

(Unfortunately, it is unavailable at the moment, but I’ll post a link once it’s back!)

I also saved a small, plastic bottle I purchased a while back. I now refill the bottle from the glass one and have a lightweight way to travel with my grapeseed oil!

Giving your kids a plastic free bubble bath is not only simple, but cost effective, and most importantly, still fun.

I hope you found the suggestions useful, let me know if you come across any other fabulous soaps or plastic free bubble bath products as I would love to try them.