Mother’s Day is the one day of the year (besides her birthday) that is all about taking care of mum instead of the other way around.

While it may seem cute to get her another mug that says we love mum, or one that has a picture of the kids, eventually those cute things will just end up as more clutter that she needs to clean and manage.

So unless she specifically hints for a new mug (Gee, I could really use a new mug) or personalised jewellery, why not get her something that lets her relax? A little something that lets mum take a break from #mumlife? A little something where she is making a memory with her kids and family?

Luckily the 11 experience gifts below are the little somethings you have been looking for (and she will be delighted to receive).

These gifts come with the added insurance of being redeemable for up to two years so she can use these experiences when she is ready.

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1. Coupons

Giving mum some sweet (budget-friendly) coupons that give her things like “a night off from cooking” or “a 20-minute foot massage” are sure to be a hit. There are even blank coupons that can be personalised just for her with things that would make her happy.

If mum has younger kids, there is even a set that can be coloured in for the extra sweetness factor.

When mum has redeemed her coupons, they can be recycled. No waste and no clutter for mum to deal with later.

2. Subscription to Readly (3,6,or 12 Months Available)

Let mum read any magazine or newspaper she fancies with this subscription. She can use this on up to 5 devices and may be willing to share if you are good. She can even download what she wants to read offline.

Be sure to include some coupons that give her time to read them, too.

3. Piglet’s Pantry Tea for Four

Give mum a lovely afternoon tea from the comfort of home with this gift delivered right to your door.

There is a Vegan option available, too!

Fancy taking her out for afternoon tea instead?

Why not try afternoon tea in your own private dome in London’s Secret Garden? (Includes champagne, too).

4. Hello Fresh’s 4 Week 4 Meal Kit for 4

Yes, that’s a lot of 4s.

While mum may ultimately make these meals, at least there is a whole month of no planning or measuring on her part.

These will be 4 meals each week that are already planned, measured and just need throwing together.

So easy that she may enjoy making the meals after a long day. (Just make sure she isn’t the one cleaning up).

5. A Massage

While mum loves her family more fiercely than anything in the world, she won’t fight you if you send her to time out. At a spa. For a quiet massage. Alone.

She will come back a new mum and ready to deal with your shite for another year.

6. Facial

Giving mum a facial to relax her face from all the mum scowling she has to do will leave her feeling fresh, glowing and most importantly looking and feeling like she’s in a fabulous mood.

You may even want to give her more than one.

7. Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage

If mum could get one area of her body worked on. This. Is. It. 25 minutes of getting her head, neck and shoulders massaged.

All the stress she carries in those very areas being rubbed away. Bliss.

Spoil her and get her two. Seriously. One won’t be enough.

8. A Night Out in a Hotel. Alone.

Possibly a controversial gift to send mum away alone as a Mother’s Day gift, but let’s be real, sometimes mums need a break.

She probably hasn’t had a great night’s sleep in ages. She also probably hasn’t had a full day of taking care of just herself since well before kids. This gift gives her a good night’s sleep, meals she doesn’t have to cook or clean, a room, a toilet and shower she doesn’t have to clean (and won’t be interrupted when she uses them). Oh, and it includes a spa treatment.

If you have a bigger budget, this is the ultimate gift, in my opinion. Hint, hint, hubby.

9. Fun Family Activities

Ok, so maybe not all mums want a break from their kids. If more family time is what she craves then take mum out for something fun and make some memories.

You can even make the experience a surprise and prebook. Then just bring her to the experience and record her reaction.

Have fun with this.

10. Classes

Does mum like learning new things or crafting? Then give her the gift of learning and let her try her hand at something like canning, crocheting, painting, or chocolate making.

Doing something creative has been proven to reduce stress, free up mind space, and help you cope with modern life.

Classes are available in person and online so mum can do what she is most comfortable with.

11. Photo Album

And if you want to give a tangible gift, make an album of her being a mum.

Chances are her phone is full of pictures and videos of her kids, but because she is taking them, she’s not in them.

So putting together an album of her with her kids will give her a different perspective when she looks back on motherhood.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Ultimately mum just wants time with her family and possibly some pampering whether it’s a foot massage from her 6-year-old or a family outing to see her favourite football team play. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy as long as the day doesn’t create more work for her because ultimately Mother’s Day should be a day off for her.

Feel free to bookmark this as these would make amazing birthday gifts for mum, too.

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