New to Sustainable Living?

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Sustainable living in the Greenish style is a blend of zero waste and minimalist lifestyles.

When you put the two together, you end up with an eco-minimalist, simple lifestyle that is good for you, your family and the planet.

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How to live plastic free, zero waste living

What is zero waste?

Zero waste means consciously living in a way that makes less waste for landfill. For many the goal is having none at all, but the act of simply reducing your waste and choosing sustainable alternatives is a great start. Click here for a 4 step beginner’s guide to zero waste!

sustainable living, simple lifestyle

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is living intentionally with less. It does not mean aesthetics alone. (Think homes decorated completely white). When you choose a minimalist lifestyle you are choosing to only allow things, people, and time commitments into your home that are either useful or make you happy. Click to learn more about a minimalist mindset!

Earth Day 2020, Earth Day Ideas

To be successful an Abundance Mindset is everything!

It’s easy to declutter or make a simple change here and there, but it’s even easier to fall into old habits and to give in to advertisements tempting us to buy more than we need. Working on your mindset will be the game changer that makes your lifestyle change a success as opposed to a yearly spring clean. Click to learn why gratitude is so important to simple, sustainable living.

glossary of green lingo

The Green Dictionary

Come across terms that you are unfamiliar with? Check out this dictionary for all your green lingo defined.


Not sure where to begin?

Grab your Simple Swap Guide and have a list of cheap, easy swaps you can make in your home to reduce your waste and save you money.

Tips for Zero Waste living, tips for living plastic free