These are several products that I have come across that have made swapping to a more sustainable lifestyle easier for my family. Some have saved me money already as well.

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Zero Waste Swaps for Your Kitchen

Beeswax wraps are a great substitute for cling film. They typically last about a year, but can be rewaxed to last longer. These are made in the U.K. and will have a smaller carbon footprint than others available.

I love these mats. Easy to clean. Nothing sticks. My chicken isn’t dry anymore. I grabbed a pack in the same size but there are packs available with multiple sizes.

These baking sheets are amazing! Along with arriving with several sizes and pan variations, you can also CUT these to fit your pan!

I save the little cut offs to use to press down my homemade breakfast bars without sticky hands.

Clean up is super easy, too! Bye-bye parchment paper!

Flour sack towels are a great alternative to paper towels. I like them because they are 100% cotton and they don’t leave any lint when using them to dry dishes. They are lightweight so a couple of my tattered ones are destined to continue life as produce bags!

I love my Kleen Kanteen bottles. The quality is really high so they last longer. (aka when you drop them on the floor they don’t become completely distorted!) There are plenty of sizes, cap options, and insulated options available.

You can get a stainless steel sippy cup! Kleen Kanteens sippy cup is ace. Penny loved hers until it was nicked at a restaurant. What’s especially great is that when your little one is ready to upgrade, you can just grab a sports cap as all the caps are interchangeable. Then you have a bottle that can last through primary school.

I would normally prefer strawless, but it’s not always practical and lets face it paper straws don’t work in a milkshake or smoothie. What I like about these is they are silicone, so Olivia and Penny can chew on these and not break their teeth. They also come with cleaning brushes and a travel bag. No excuses now.

Family sized Instant Pot, best pressure cooker, best air fryer

I bought my Instant Pot Duo Crisp and Air Fryer when my slow cooker died an unfixable death, and I’m not looking back.

This thing is big, but it does so much that it not only replaces my slow cooker, but it’s an air fryer, food dehydrator, steamer, and beyond so I won’t have to buy another appliance ever again! It’s easy to use and easy to clean.

It would be nice if it came with some basic recipes, but they make you download an app instead. And there’s always plenty of recipes, groups, and videos online.

Zero Waste Swaps for Your Bathroom

Don’t be duped into buying microfiber (aka microplastic) cloths because they are “so soft.” These terry cloth wipes are plenty soft and can be washed without shedding plastic. This pack of 25 is about 3-4 days worth for Penny.

When you finish using them for baby bums, they are perfect to use as family cloths (should you want to give that a go)!

As a family of 4, this pack is perfect, even Lee likes them. The customer service of this particular seller is really helpful, too. For example, did you know all toothbrushes have nylon bristles? The alternative is boar hair which generally isn’t used and not as effective anyway, so you’ll need to make sure to pull them out before composting or repurposing the handles.

Sustainable Cleaning Products

I use vinegar as my go-to all-purpose cleaner. Buying this bulk 4 pack is enough to last me almost two years!

It has a great shelf life, too.

This citric acid is organic and has so many uses for cleaning around your home.

If you grab the powder form you can also use it for making fun things like bath bombs.

Sodium Bicarbonate aka Baking Soda, is another versatile cleaner for your house.

I love using it for my shower and tub as it leaves them absolutely sparkly clean.

It’s also handy for odor removal and baking.

Hydrogen Peroxide is an EPA approved disinfectant, but is the only one that doesn’t have a crazy chemically smell.

The shelf life isn’t great. Once opened it lasts about a month. So don’t buy this in bulk.

I put some in a small amber spray bottle and use it for disinfecting door handles and the toilet flusher bit.

The rest of the bottle I use as a mouthwash and over time will brighten your teeth, too.

Movies, Books, and Podcast Recommendations, Oh My!


This documentary takes a look at the impact that agriculture has on climate change and was the documentary that tipped me over to a plant-based diet. You won’t see graphic animal cruelty, either. Highly recommend if you are thinking of going plant-based for planetary reasons.

This is available for streaming on Netflix.

Forks Over Knives

Lee and I watched this documentary one evening and Lee made the switch to plant-based/vegetarian the NEXT DAY!

I had initially come across Dr. Campbell when looking at ways to get through Coronavirus and a whole foods plant-based (WFPB) diet can help fight and prevent. So. Many. Diseases. It’s unreal. So if you are thinking about trying a plant-based diet for health reasons, this is it!

Also available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes.